Here you will find some of the feedback I have received along my journey ~

🔮Thank u very much for the card reading …dear …it really getting true because right now I am facing all different kinds of changes …love n light-D.C

🔮Thank you Luann for your valuable time and reading as it right on the spot it resonates to me as I love music much love 😊🌼- I.O

🔮 pretty accurate. It covered a lot, so I have to narrow it down, but that’s okay! Thank you.- J.I

🔮So positive, responsive, and accurate!!!! – T.T

🔮Thank you again for such beautiful work ……and the the gifts that you are offering the world. Much Love and Blessings to you. <3 -D.M

🔮Hi Luann , Thank you am going to read them so i Will get the message Universe want to telk ne , actually i already know 🙈, Thank you for your time and the painting looks fabolous . I love the colour ❤❤❤❤❤- S.M

🔮Wow Luann the painting is beautiful. Recently I have been trying to remember my dreams and I never do. I always wonder if things are being worked out or transmuted via my dreams. So this is a confirmation for me that even though I don’t recall them more often then not, everything is still being worked on. The children card is very interesting. I just recently found out that my DM had a child last year, conception prior to our meeting each other and I’ve really been assuming that when we are in union that we would make a choice not to have a child of our own. Maybe this is saying we will. I just want to merge our families (he has 5 kids and I have 1) together like my mother did when I was a child with my step siblings. I’m loving the lyrics from the Olivia Newton John. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect! “You have to believe we are magic”, resonates very much with me and our situation. To have been in relationships we both hoped would be forever and then they end in the ways that they did. Makes this journey hard to believe at times. I think we both get in that mind space a lot. Like waiting for the other shoe to drop because there is no way we could feel for each other the way that we do. I think the “ALL IS WELL” is for me I seem to need confirmation that we are where we should be and we are progressing to union. I’ve been seeing 444 a lot. And the “YOU ARE SAFE” is for him because he doesn’t have faith in his ability to make great choices when it comes to relationships.

Thank you so very much!!!-S.S

🔮Luann Palladino jackpot!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!! So responsive and so true! I feel it!!!!!-T.T

🔮Just got a 2 card reading from Luann Palladino and I am shook at how amazing it was. It was exactly what I needed to hear and see. Thank you so much.